'FAMILY', 2020, 80 x 160 cm, acrylic on canvas

I usually present, through my artworks that belong to the contemporary abstract expressionism movement, various social topics, or I show nature sometimes through the visual vocabulary that I formulate myself.

I formulate my work on a rich linear and colour structure with 3D terrain and this allows shapes and colours to be built through many layers that in one way or another represent my memory of the people I have met in my life or the many places I have visited.

In this painting titled "Family", I paint from my mind the family of Mrs. Cynthia, who are a father, mother and two beautiful children. With the help of pictures of the place, I tried very hard to get inspired by the place and its colors. In the end, I was able to create a painting of bright and rich colors, containing four people who talk together while they are in constant movement.


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