'Conversation', 2020, 140 x 115 cm, mixed media on canvas

I usually present, through my artworks that belong to the contemporary abstract expressionism movement, various social topics, or I show nature sometimes through the visual vocabulary that I formulate myself.
I formulate my work on a rich linear and colour structure with 3D terrain and this allows shapes and colours to be built through many layers that in one way or another represent my memory of the people I have met in my life or the many places I have visited.
Here I am presenting this painting titled “Conversation” which is a capture of a moment between a man and a woman. As in all of my artwork, the direct goal of this painting is not to deliver a figurative direct visual spectacle as much as it is the desire to reach a high sense that would make the viewer interact with it and see something new every time he sees this painting.
The painting is relatively large in size and has a good presence in the place where it will be hung due to its vivid and bright colours. I personally consider it one of the best artworks I have done so far.