'Morning', 2020, 90 x 250 cm, acrylic on canvas

I usually present, through my work that belongs to the contemporary abstract expressionism movement, various social topics, or I show nature sometimes through the visual vocabulary that I formulate myself.
I formulate my work on a rich linear and colour structure with 3D terrain and this allows shapes and colours to be built through many layers that in one way or another represent my memory of the people I have met in my life or the many places I have visited.
In this painting entitled 'Morning', I drew inspiration from a previous painting that I had drawn on a similar topic, in addition to trying to fit it into the new place where a very beautiful family lives. In this painting, I have focused on making the colours and spaces completely harmonize with each other. I also created a unique composition that I had never created before. I consider this painting to be one of the best I have made so far. As usual, I started drawing this painting with positive energy, bearing in mind that the colours of the painting will be a source of happiness for everyone who watches it. Especially because this painting will be hung in the living room which is a prime location in the house.