'Shadows‘, 2021, 95 x 75 cm, acrylic on canvas

I usually present, through my work that belongs to the contemporary abstract expressionism movement, various social topics, or I show nature sometimes through the visual vocabulary that I formulate myself.
I formulate my work on a rich linear and colour structure with 3D terrain and this allows shapes and colours to be built through many layers that in one way or another represent my memory of the people I have met in my life or the many places I have visited.

In this painting, entitled Shadows, I have painted two people, but they are barely visible. Maybe only their shadows appear. We do not see our shadows most of the time but they are really part of us, walking with us all the time. We feel the silence of our shadows. They are a reflection of us.

One of the most important features of contemporary art is that it breaks all boundaries between ideas and tangible things surrounding us. Therefore, I consider that this work of art has many meanings, interpretations and interpretations, and I can talk hours and hours about it. At the same time, I leave all the room for the viewer to give his own vision and point of view about this artwork, and this can create a language of communication between the artist, the artwork and the viewer.

To the best resolution please watch this video in Full HD 50/fps mood.